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สนธยา พรึงลำภู
Environmental Hazards Assessment
Sontaya Pruenglampoo

Affilications :

Bureau of Medical Technical Development, Department of Medical Services, Ministy of Public Health, Nonthaburi 11000


      Risk assessment means characterization of the potential adverse health effects of human exposure to environmental hazards. Risk assessment includes several elements : description of the potential adverse health effects based on an evaluation of results of epidemiologic, clinical, toxicologic, and environmental research ; extrapolation from those results to predict the type and estimate the extent of health effects in humans under given conditions of exposure; judgement as to the number and characteristics of persons exposed at various intensities and durations; and summary judgment on the existence and overall magnitude of the public health problem. Risk assessment also includes characterization of the uncertainties inherent in the process of inferring risk. Risk management, which is carried out by regulatory agencies under various legislative mandates, is an agency gecision-making process that entails consideration of political, social, economic, and engineering information with risk-related information to develop, analyze, and compare regulatory options and to select the appropriate regulatory response to a potential chronic health hazard. The selecion process necessarily requires the use of value judgments on such issues as the acceptability of risk and the reasonableness of control costs.

Key Words : environmental hazard, risk assessment, risk characterization, risk management